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Cleanbox Case Study

Cleanbox manufactures eco-friendly, smart tech hygiene equipment for decontaminating headsets, eyewear, face masks, and hardware. Cleanbox patented products kill 99.99+ percent of viruses, bacteria and fungi because their products are engineered to meet all UVC efficacy requirements. When Cleanbox needed an effective disinfection technology for combating viruses and bacteria, they selected high-power Klaran UVC LEDs manufactured by Crystal IS. 

James Peterson

By Klaran

The Challenge

Viruses and bacteria can be found virtually everywhere- from the smartphones in our pockets to the virtual reality headsets in our living rooms to the protective masks worn in hospitals and public spaces. When these items are contaminated with harmful viruses and bacteria that spread, they can pose a serious risk to our health.

Cleanbox – a manufacturer of hygiene equipment – was searching for a disinfection technology to integrate into their decontamination devices. The solution needed to effectively destroy common pathogens found on surfaces. Numerous studies have shown that UV light is proven to destroy a wide range of viruses and bacteria. However, UV emitting devices such as mercury lamps contain mercury and, therefore, are not considered environmentally friendly. Moreover, UV lamps are larger than alternative technologies such as compact UVC LEDs, which can make it difficult to integrate lamps into small spaces.

When designing with disinfection technology, it’s helpful to receive hands-on guidance from experts who bring years of experience in helping businesses add disinfection to their product lines. Working with application engineers who have extensive backgrounds in UVC LED technology can make it easier for companies to identify the most efficient and effective use of LEDs in their finished product.


Klaran UVC LEDs, produced by Crystal IS, emit UVC light in the 260 nm to 270 nm range. By emitting UV light in the key germicidal range, these high-power devices have been shown to disinfect a variety of pathogens such as C. diff, MRSA, and others.

Cleanbox’s CX1 device utilizes the disinfection power of Klaran UVC LEDs to destroy pathogens. The CX1 decontaminates hardware and other products with personal touch points around high-risk contagion transfer areas such as materials within proximity to the face, nose, and mouth.

“Crystal IS has been a great partner since our early development days, and they continue to be a reliable source of premium UVC LEDs for our business”


Application engineers from Crystal IS delivered hands-on, in-person support to Cleanbox throughout the development process by showing them how to integrate Klaran UVC LEDs, running simulations, determining the appropriate UVC dosage, and thoroughly addressing technical questions.

Additionally, during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cleanbox saw an opportunity to develop another product (CleanDefense) specifically for decontaminating protective equipment such as N95 masks. CleanDefense’s unique way of utilizing Klaran UVC LEDs enabled results of 5 log reduction of SARS-COV-2 in two minutes on N95 masks.


Cleanbox products leverage the disinfection power of Klaran UVC LEDs to treat surfaces of masks and other equipment that is vital for preventing the spread of dangerous viruses and bacteria. As pathogens remain a constant threat to our health and safety, germicidal LEDs are enabling innovative solutions that can help combat these viruses and create healthier environments.

The Klaran Advantage

Crystal IS Klaran UVC LEDs are compact, environmentally friendly, and offer efficient germicidal wavelength over traditional light sources. In addition, Klaran LEDs provide:

  • On-demand disinfection
  • Scalable and flexible duty cycles
  • Energy efficiency suitable for battery-powered applications
  • Long life