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Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future

Aluminum Nitride-based UVC LEDs for safer and sustainable living around the world

At Crystal IS, we believe that providing safe water with UVC LEDs contributes to healthy lives and living around the world. Our UVC LEDs provide our customers with reliable, efficient and sustainable UV disinfection that delivers microbial safe air, water and surfaces for their customers.

As a part of the Asahi Kasei Group, we contribute to their aim for a carbon-neutral and sustainable world as part of their "Care for Earth" initiative, which focuses on using biomass raw materials, recycled raw materials, and renewable energy. The company strives deliver sustainable products to meet customer needs while deepening collaboration with other companies to reach a carbon-neutral society by 2050. 

 In addition, Crystal IS Klaran products adhere to global packaging and reporting standards to reduce waste. Our customers use Klaran products to promote the reduction of non-reusable plastic containers and pivot from the use of mercury lamps for UV disinfection. We support our customers in ending mercury-based UV disinfection as part of the objective of the Minamata Convention.

Supporting global humanitarian efforts

We believe in supporting the global community in bringing clean water to those that need it through our partnerships with humanitarian and non-profit organizations. We believe that the benefits of UVC LEDs provide make them the ideal sources for delivering UV disinfection to remote areas with insufficient or damaged infrastructure.

Crystal IS embraces the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by contributing to ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all (Goal 6) through these efforts. We partner with the following groups to provide products and resources to supply clean drinking water to these communities.

Maji Safi UV Project (Kenya)

The Maji Safi team believes in enacting positive change for life and living throughout the world through partnerships and drinking water expertise. They are committed to collaborating with industry experts to provide clean and safe drinking water. They aim to empower tropical populations through sustainable access to clean drinking water using UVC LED technology. Maji Safi means "Clean Water" in Swahili and is genuinely the compass for their cause.

UV4Good - Kenya

UV4Good (Ukraine)

The current environment in Ukraine has led to previously unthinkable drinking water scarcity issues. The UV4Good team is actively partnering with locals to enact positive change for life and living in the region. Their partnership with industry experts has led to the development of innovative solutions for providing clean and safe drinking water. Their vision is to empower individuals undergoing the ongoing Emergency Situation in Ukraine through sustainable access to clean drinking water using UVC LED technology.

UV4Good - Ukraine

Contact Us For More Information

Crystal IS’ UV4Good Program is open to regions who are currently experiencing drinking water scarcity issues due to insufficient or damaged infrastructure. Please contact our team to learn more about our support resources available and how we can help your group.

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