Klaran products enable microbiological protection of water, air and surfaces across a variety of industries.

Klaran UVC LEDs for consumer appliances

Consumer Appliances

Klaran UVC LEDs are a durable, mercury-free UVC source that provide disinfection for the lifetime of the appliance in smaller footprints than traditional systems. These compact devices support the development of new consumer products to address new market opportunities and expand the features of existing offerings.

Klaran UVC LEDs for disinfection in Commercial appliances

Commercial Appliances

Klaran UVC LED products allow for on-demand germicidal performance which reduces operating costs and eliminates UVC LED replacement for the lifetime of water treatment appliances. These devices provide both business and customer protection by ensuring water quality at the point-of-use in commercial settings.

Klaran UVC LEDs for disinfection in healthcare


Klaran UVC LED products are not only proven effective against C. diff and MRSA, but capable of achieving significant log reduction in seconds. When integrated into medical devices and equipment, these compact devices enhance compliance with hygiene protocols by delivering a consistent, effective germicidal dose every time.

Klaran UVC LEDs for disinfection in life sciences equipment

Life Sciences

Klaran UVC LED products overcome the limitations of traditional mercury lamps and allow for more compact systems to produce reagent water on-demand and without the need for annual UVC maintenance. These devices support next generation, cost effective solutions for addressing true microbial safety in life science environments.