Commercial Appliances

Klaran UVC disinfection is ideal for
  • Beverage machines and dispensers

  • Bottled and bottleless water coolers
  • Ice machines

  • Coffee makers, tea and hot water equipment

Klaran UVC LEDs for commercial food appliances

The business risks of serving contaminated water are increasing, which means water and beverage service companies face a growing need to demonstrate their water safety precautions.

Businesses must find water purification solutions that provide consistently reliable performance so as to reduce potential revenue loss (from equipment downtime) and, most importantly, risk to consumers.

Commercial Water Purification
Klaran UVC LEDs for commercial water purification

Many businesses with beverage machines, water coolers, coffee makers, and other water dispensing appliances use filters to protect their equipment and preserve their water’s taste and quality. Carbon and scale filters, for example, build confidence in equipment performance and drink satisfaction, but they cannot protect consumers against E. Coli, Legionella, or other dangerous pathogens lurking in dispensed water. While such filters perform reliably over short, anticipated replacement cycles, many traditional solutions for reducing microbial contaminants in the water are prone to sudden failures or clogs, resulting in equipment malfunctions and unplanned maintenance requests.

UVC purification, on the other hand, is a verified method for disinfecting water. Today, mercury lamps and LEDs are the primary technologies that use UVC light for water disinfection.

Unfortunately, UV lamp-based systems are not designed to meet the rapid demands of commercial dispensers and beverage machines, causing delays in dispensing, unintended water heating, and unpredictable lifetimes and service needs. UVC LEDs and UVC LED-based reactors, however, provide effective and convenient UVC purification to meet the needs of commercial water dispensers and beverage machines. For example, instant, on-demand dispensing means there’s no “waiting period” for the UVC LED-based system to begin disinfecting the water. Plus, the predictable lifetime capacity of UVC LED-based systems are not limited by time, allowing the cost of water treatment to be tied directly to the cost of each serving rather than being an annual fixed operating expense.

In addition to lowering the risk of dispensing microbially contaminated water, Klaran’s UVC LEDs and plug and play UVC LED reactors preserve the intended taste, smell and temperature of water. By integrating these solutions directly into original equipment designs or as a stand alone purification stage, manufacturers of beverage machines, water coolers, and related water dispensing appliances experience the following benefits:

  • Lab validated performance and proven reliability
  • Consistent, on-demand performance for less than a second to more than an hour of dispensing
  • Confidence in business responsibility to protect consumers from microbially contaminated water