Life Sciences

Klaran is ideal for
  • Ultrapure laboratory water
  • Hygiene automation
  • Inactivation of antibiotic resistant bacteria at point-of-care testing
Klaran UVC LEDs life sciences laboratories

In the life sciences industry, increases in population and aging are driving a greater focus on improving patient tests for screening and diagnosis for chronic and infectious diseases. New diagnostic devices and supporting equipment face cost challenges with an increased need for integrated hygiene control, compact size, automation and even mobility for point-of-care testing (PoCT).

Ultrapure Laboratory Water
Klaran UVC LEDs ultrapure lab water

Laboratory experiments and diagnostics consume approximately 35 million liters of reagent (ultra-pure) water each year. The accuracy of these tests relies greatly on water quality—thus top OEMs depend on UVC technology to secure water quality. Current UVC solutions employ mercury lamps which present restrictions on size, maintenance and operation.

As the demand for reagent water increases, Klaran UVC LED products overcome the limitations of mercury lamps and allow for more compact systems to produce reagent water on-demand and without the need for annual UVC maintenance.

Clincial Laboratory Surfaces and Automation
Klaran UVC LEDs clinical lab surfaces and automation

While chemical wipes may be an industry staple, they have limited efficacy against superbugs and the consistency of their use is difficult to validate. In addition, constant use of harsh chemicals in these wipes can damage surfaces of expensive laboratory equipment.

UVC energy has proven history inactivating RNA/DNA making this a key infection prevention tool to combat antibiotic resistant bacteria. Compact Klaran UVC LED can be easily implemented to automate and log compliance with hygiene protocols.

Klaran UVC LED products offer a proven, practical and cost-effective solution for addressing true microbial safety in life science environments. When considering new clinical laboratory equipment designs, Klaran UVC LED products offer:

  • Proven maintenance-free UVC germicidal performance
  • Compact product designs

  • Automated and logged hygiene compliance