Klaran Water Disinfection ROI Calculator

Klaran Water Disinfection ROI Calculator

Calculate Your UVC LED Requirements

Designing water disinfection systems with UVC LEDs can be a challenge because the type and quantity of UVC LEDs needed will vary based on the unique intricacies of each system. We created the UVC LED Requirements Calculator (below) to help answer an essential question for design teams: How many UVC LEDs are needed for your point-of-use water purification system to provide disinfection at its specified end-of-life?

Note: this calculator assumes configurations appropriate for low-flow systems. If you are designing for higher flow rates (greater than 4 liters per minute) please contact us and one of our field application engineers would be happy to help.

Please enter the performance requirements, water quality and material characteristics of your POU water disinfection system or appliance.

Enter Flow Rate (Liters Per Minute) - Values Should be 0.2 to 4.0
Select treatment performance goal (UVC dosage)
Select Water Source (UVT)
Select Chamber Material (Reflectivity)
Select Appliance or Product Lifetime (Years)
Please make sure all entries have valid values.
Please make sure Flow Rate is between 0.2 and 4.0.


LED Operation Time for Full Product or Appliance Lifetime
Beginning of Life Output Power

Recommended UVC LEDs
Number of LEDs
30 mW (Part KL265-50R-SM-WD)
40 mW (Part KL265-50S-SM-WD)
50 mW (Part KL265-50T-SM-WD)

Learn more about the Klaran WD Series that is right for your product.

Want to see how much it would cost to disinfect a liter of water in your system?

Complete this form and to see an estimated cost-per-liter of disinfected water in your system over the full lifetime based on your entries above.

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Based on the requirements you've provided, the disinfection cost-per-liter of water in your system would be:
US$ per-liter.