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LED Tailor Innova7ion Case Study

Based in Finland, LED Tailor Innova7ion® has more than 10 years of experience in developing and manufacturing products with visible LED light technology and UVC LED technology. Their solutions are used for very effective surface disinfection of hand-held objects and re-usable supplies and accessories. 

The company’s WiSDOM DS product is built using Klaran UVC LEDs. WiSDOM DS is a file cabinet drawer with UVC LEDs built-in to disinfect electronic devices and other non-critical medical equipment, including blood pressure cuffs and stethoscopes, in between patient visits or at the end of a shift. 

James Peterson

By Klaran

The Challenge

Commonly used hospital equipment, such as stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, and handheld devices such as cell phones and call buttons can transmit microbes and their spores between patients and hospital surfaces. Existing hygiene protocols recommend the use of chemical wipes for defined periods of time, ranging from one to 10 minutes to adequately treat high-touch surfaces. However, most hospital-grade disinfection wipes do not work on Clostridium difficile (C. diff) and the consistency of their use is difficult to validate.

Current surface disinfection methods using chemicals can be confusing and inconsistent because of the many products available. To ensure proper disinfection, the selected agent, the manner of use (immersion vs. contact) and the treatment time must be correctly and consistently applied. Electronic devices—phones, tablets and computers—present additional challenge as these strong chemicals used to combat superbugs like C. diff often result in corrosion of the materials and can damage the devices (in fact, the warranty is often voided by the first use of the chemical). 

“ The WiSDOM DS cabinet provides a 4 log disinfection of C. diff in a three-minute cycle and can provide greater than 4 log reduction of MRSA in one-minute. Customers are surprised that by using Klaran UVC LED technology we can kill microbes in less than three minutes and that short disinfection time is highly appreciated.”


The use of Klaran UVC LEDs in WiSDOM DS enables top-level hygiene with the push of a button. It provides effective and reliable surface disinfection for small to mid-size devices, such as laptops, phones, keyboards, eyewear, keys and healthcare equipment. It prevents the transmission of harmful microbes into highly sensitive areas, including hospital cancer care units, laboratories and cleanrooms. 

Klaran UVC LEDs have not only proven effective against superbugs, such as C. diff and Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), but are capable of achieving significant log reduction in seconds. When integrated into equipment like the WiSDOM DS product, these compact UVC LEDs enhance and log compliance with hygiene protocols by delivering a consistent, effective germicidal dose every time. 

“Crystal IS has the optimal UVC LEDs for us. Their support has been top-notch through our entire development cycle and the level of investment they give to help customers succeed is one of the key reasons we like working with Crystal IS. Because of this, we have every confidence our engineering team is highly competent in the use of Klaran UVC LEDs, which means we can bring to market a superior and highly effective offering.”


The Klaran Advantage

Crystal IS Klaran UVC LEDs are compact, are environmentally friendly, and offer efficient germicidal wavelength over traditional light sources. In addition, Klaran LEDs provide:

  • On-demand disinfection
  • Scalable and flexible duty cycles
  • Energy efficiency suitable for battery-powered applications
  • Long life