Disinfection Modules

Built for Effectively and Reliably Disinfecting Water and Surfaces

Disinfection modules from Klaran are built with high performance Klaran UVC LEDs to disinfect water flowing through point of use applications as well as surfaces where bacteria reside. Find the right module for your application.


Klaran WR Series UVC LED Reactor

WR Series
UVC LED Reactor

Built with high performance Klaran UVC LEDs, the Klaran WR Series UVC LED Reactor is ideal for OEMs who want to add water disinfection in point of use applications, such as bottled and bottleless water coolers, beverage equipment, coffee machines, and other appliances that include water dispenser features.

Klaran WS Series UVC LED Retrofit Kit

WS Series
UVC LED Retrofit Kit

Klaran WS lets service providers add long life UVC LED disinfection to water dispensing systems anywhere. With user-friendly integration features, Klaran WS can be added to existing dispensers in the field or new units out of the box.



LE Series

Leverage the experience and expertise of Klaran’s award-winning, international Application Engineering team to accelerate your next disinfection project. From medical equipment to commercial and residential air conditioning systems to ventilation systems and more, Klaran LE (Light Engine) Series can be used in surface applications to prevent the growth and spread of mold, yeasts, and bacteria.