WR Series UVC LED Reactor

Water Disinfection

UVC LED Reactor Ideal for OEMs Adding Water Disinfection in Point-of-Use Applications

Klaran WR

Validated Performance
Microbial performance of the Klaran WR has been validated by third party certified bodies on pseudomonas, legionella, E.Coli, and QBeta. Reports available for download.
Consistent and Predictable Quality
Klaran WR is built with Klaran UVC LEDs, ensuring consistent germicidal performance while reducing performance uncertainty from production tolerances.
Preserves Water Quality
Does not affect the smell, taste or minerals in the water and does not heat up the water.


3D Files

for Solidworks (SLDPRT)

  • Plug & Play
    Long, Predictable Service Life

    Robustly characterized, instant-on Klaran WD UVC LEDs provide confidence in long term performance, lasting as long as the water dispenser products in which they’re found.

  • Klaran WD Series UVC LEDs reliable
    Plug and Play UVC Purification

    Klaran WR Series easily integrates into new or existing dispenser products or standalone purification solutions. Dispenser manufacturers and distributors can leverage Klaran’s international team of Application Engineers to explore the best options for product integration.

  • Low Cost Water Hygiene
    Low Cost Water Hygiene

    Increased purification without increased costs. Klaran WR Series provides UVC purification at a lower cost per liter as compared to UV lamp or microbial filter systems.


    Klaran WR Series UVC LED Reactor is a disinfection system for providing hygienic water. As a plug and play solution, Klaran WR lets you add predictable, long-life UVC purification into your point-of-use water dispensing products to better serve your customers’ needs.

    Klaran WR lets manufacturers efficiently add UVC purification to their point-of-use products, thereby accelerating go-to-market strategies. Klaran's international team of Application Engineers offer top-tier support to ensure proper Klaran WR integration with your products. Together, we can guide and expedite:

    • Performance testing and validation in your application
    • Matching dispenser flow rate, performance and lifetime requirements to Klaran WR performance characterization
    • Specifying design and related system needs for new, existing or retrofit product design integration
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