LE Series UVC LED Light Engines

Air Disinfection Surface Disinfection

UVC LED Light Engine for Surface and Air Treatment


Available in three sizes

  • 80mm x 15mm
  • 250mm x 15mm
  • 160mm x 12mm

Powerful Klaran UVC LED module

Klaran LE modules emit at peak germicidal wavelength 265 nm for increased performances and reliability.

Plug & Play for rapid integration

Ideal for rapid prototyping, microbial test validation, or simple product integration. The 9 LED Light Engine includes integrated 12V DC driver, direct connection to power supply with no additional components required.

Modular design

Klaran LE design can be multiplied as desired to fit different air or surface disinfection requirements and positioning constraints. No fragile quartz design allows for use in mobile applications.

  • Plug & Play
    True UVC Disinfection

    Emitting UV light at the peak germicidal wavelength, Klaran LE (Light Engine) can help prevent the spread of dangerous pathogens and superbugs such as MRSA and C. diff.

  • Klaran WD Series UVC LEDs reliable
    Knowledgeable Solutions

    Klaran’s international team of Application Engineers works with leading manufacturers and leverages that experience to integrate LED-based disinfection solutions that can meet performance, cost, and design needs.

  • Low Cost Disinfection
    Low Cost Disinfection

    Add surface disinfection capabilities to your system. Klaran LE brings true UVC disinfection at a fraction of the size and cost of mercury UV lamp.


    Klaran LE (Light Engine) is a UVC LED module built for applications that require surface or air treatment. The LE uses Klaran high-performance UVC LEDs which emit UV light in the germicidal range (260 nm to 270 nm) and can be integrated into a variety of applications.

    When a leading manufacturer of air conditioning systems in Asia needed a way to prevent mold growth in vulnerable areas of their units, they contacted Klaran for a solution. Klaran’s engineering team identified the target disinfection zone and built an application-specific UVC LED light engine which allowed the customer to implement a unique, cost-effective solution for preventing mold growth in the unit.

    Contact Klaran today to discuss your product’s disinfection needs and discover the solution that’s right for your business.

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