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Your partner for high performance UVC LEDs and solutions for water, surface and air disinfection

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Effective Disinfection Starts with the Right UVC LED

Klaran UVC LEDs emit ultraviolet light in the key germicidal wavelength range (260 nm to 270 nm) to inactivate a variety of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens commonly found in water, air and surfaces. This unique technology enables effective and reliable disinfection performance. Explore all Klaran products and see why more companies are choosing Klaran for disinfection.

Safeguard families with on demand UVC LED disinfection

A True Plug and Play Water Treatment System for Dispensers

Water dispenser service providers can now offer a reliable and effective plug and play solution for water treatment. Klaran WS uses UVC LED technology, rather than mercury lamp, to treat water and has demonstrated 99.99 percent germicidal efficacy against waterborne pathogens such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Learn more about Klaran WS and distributor opportunities in your region.

Klaran by Crystal IS
(An Asahi Kasei Company)

Klaran UVC LEDs and systems are produced by Crystal IS, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that specializes in the development of Aluminum Nitride (AlN) technology. Since 2011, Crystal IS has been a subsidiary of Asahi Kasei (OTCMKTS: AHKSY)- a diversified, multibillion dollar holding company with over 40,000 employees.

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