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Optan Ball Lens Series UVC LEDs 250 nm to 275 nm

Optan Ball Lens (BL) UVC LEDs emit ultraviolet light in a relatively narrow wavelength and angular range. These LEDs are for optical sensors in air, water, and surface applications.

  • Peak wavelengths in 5 nm increments, from 250 nm to 275 nm
  • Up to 5mW optical power output @ 100mA
  • Center wavelength tolerance <±5 nm
  • 15° viewing angle


Optan BL UVC LEDs have excellent center wavelength accuracy designed for high end sensor systems. Critical features include a wide range of high accuracy UVC wavelengths, high optical power, and tight tolerances. Offered with a wide range of UVC wavelength options, these high performance collimated LEDs are ideal for precision sensing in critical field, laboratory or medical devices.  

One critical feature of these LEDs is their high and controllable optical power output. By using a reference circuit, an LED’s optical output can be increased or decreased, unlike a lamp, which is critical for most in-situ spectroscopy. Unlike many lamp systems, these LEDs can be pulsed to extend product lifetime and enables cost-effective timed fluorescent and photoacoustic applications. The tight tolerances on Optan BL UVC LEDs allow for more consistent measurements between different measurement systems.


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