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Optan Surface Mount Series UVC LEDs 235 nm, 255 nm, and 275 nm wavelengths

Optan Surface Mount (SM) UVC LEDs emit ultraviolet light in a relatively narrow wavelength range and are often used in higher volume sensor applications in air, water, and surface applications.
  • Peak wavelengths of 235 nm, 255 nm, or 275 nm
  • Center wavelength tolerance <±5 nm
  • Up to 8 mW optical power output @ 100mA (OP255-10P-SM and OP275-10P-SM Only)
  • 11 nm Full Width Half Max spectrum


Optan SM UVC LEDs are intended for high volume sensor applications. Designed to have lower cost than the Optan Ball Lens (BL) UVC LEDs, these LEDs shrink the number of wavelength options and forgo collimation to achieve cost savings, lower thermal resistance, smaller footprint, and long lifetimes. 

Optan SM LEDs are ideal for distributed in-situ absorption measurements of environmental pollutants, where lifetime, wavelength and output power are balanced to meet design and cost constraints.


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