LA Series UVC LEDs

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Higher Performance, Longer Lifetime UVC LED Disinfection

Klaran LA

Longer Lifetime

Flexible LED drive currents and on-demand cycling methods allow product designers to extend UV source lifetimes by orders of magnitude for up to 10,000 hours of lifetime.

High Power Disinfection
High power single chip LED packages allow disinfection to be integrated at size and cost points required for new surface, air and water product designs. Peak wavelength Binning available above 100 mW.
Instant On/Off
Instant full power germicidal UVC output and unlimited on/off switching allows for faster and more reactive disinfection cycles.


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  • Klaran HC Series UVC LEDs 10x more efficient output
    260 nm to 270 nm:
    Most Effective for Disinfection

    Klaran WD’s 260 nm to 270 nm wavelength range for disinfection assures that products built with Klaran LEDs require less total UVC power to achieve product performance certification than UV LEDs with peak wavelengths greater than 270 nm or mercury lamps at 254 nm.

  • Klaran WD Series UVC LEDs reliable
    Instant On/Off Power Output:
    Get Longer Life Disinfection

    Compared to UV lamps, which are constantly operating and require annual replacement, UVC LEDs are on only when disinfection is needed. This conserves UVC LED lifetime and helps extend disinfection maintenance cycles to many years.

  • Gain Confidence with the Industry’s Leading Reliability Ratings

    While many suppliers can only provide UV LED lifetime reliability ratings of B50, Klaran WD UVC LEDs offer lifetime reliability ratings of B1 or lower. Compared to alternative UVC LEDs, Klaran’s superior UVC LED characterization data- which comes from testing thousands of Klaran LEDs- helps our customers design cost-effective products with disinfection capabilities.


    Klaran LA Series UVC LEDs, manufactured by Crystal IS, are compact and cost effective UVC emitters that enable long life water, air and surface disinfection systems. Achieving high intensity output at the most effective wavelengths for disinfection, a single Klaran LA UVC LED can provide on-demand disinfection directly into your products.

    The world's top manufacturers trust Klaran UVC LEDs because of Klaran's leading cost performance and in-person Applications Engineering support from Crystal IS. From defining UVC LED service lifetimes backed by UVC LED characterization data to optimizing dosage in reactor chambers to more than 20 years of knowledge in UVC, Klaran has the resources to help you succeed with UVC LED-based disinfection.

    260 to 275 nm for UVC disinfection

    These products emit in the peak germicidal range of 260 nm to 270 nm, providing effective and consistent anti-microbial performance across a range of pathogenic organisms.

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